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Perfect Travel Guide for Tokyo ! Things to do in Tokyo for Tourists in Japan.You can see maps,foods,souvenirs,and culture.

Tokyo is the central for not only economics, politics and culture, but also sightseeing. However, there might be some who are not very familiar with them. In this article, the author would introduce the famous sightseeing areas in Tokyo.

In the previous page, I introduced the recommended tourist attractions in Ueno and Nippori.

In this page, I would present well know tourist place, Asakusa, and other attractions around the area.

Let’s take a look!



Popular Tourist Attraction 1: Sensouji




The first attraction is Sensouji which everyone knows.

Over 30,000 people visit the temple every year.

Especially “Kaminarimon” is the representative spot in Sensouji temple.


I think most of you don’t really know about the places rather than Kaminarimon.

So I will explain more ways to enjoy Sensouji temple!


How to enjoy Sensoji temple 1: See the five stories pagoda




The five-storied pagoda is one of the place that I strongly recommend you to visit when you come to Sensoji temple.

The pagoda is established in 945 by Taira no Kinmasa, however, it was burnt and rebuild again.

This pagoda is one of the Buddhist style of architect and believed as the crave of Buddha’s grave.


The height is 53 meters!

This is same as the 15 ~ 20 storied building.

I went to there and surprised with the powerful sight more than I expected.

Why don’t you go and actually see it?


How to enjoy Sensoji 2: Enjoy Japanese tradition on Nakamise Street




On Nakamise Street, there are many souvenir stores for foreigners and Japanese fan stores, katana and kimono stores.

This street is also great place for eating sweet such as Japanese sweet and fried manju.



On the street, there are approximately 90 stores and the length of the street is 235 meters long so you will not be bored.

It is also interesting to see how foreign visitors interact with Japanese culture.


My favorite sweet on the street is “Annashi Kasutera (no sweet beans sponge cake)!

Please check it out!


Tourist Information about Sensoji


【Japanese Name】浅草寺 (Sensoji)


【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Asakusa 2-3-1

【Access】5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza line “Asakusa station”. 5 minutes walk from A4 exit in Toei Chikatetsu Asakusa line “Asakusa atation”





Popular Tourist Attractions in Asakusa 2: Sumida Park



The next attraction is Sumida Park which is well known as cherry blossom viewing spot.

Sumida Park is very famous spot for blossom viewing spot which even selected as one of the best 100 spots for cherry blossom viewing but families can enjoy there.



When you walk the riverside, you see the sky tree on the other side.

This time, I would introduce the way to enjoy Sumida Park.

How to enjoy Sumida Park: Viewing sky tree from the park


Photo credit:  快樂雲 via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND


Sumida Park is a park as its name says.

There are many equipment so kids can play with them!

You can sit on the benches to take rest. This is very good place for those who are tired and want some rest.

But if the park is same as the others there is no reason for you to visit there.


Then why is it recommended?

That is because you can see sky tree from the park! There is not many places to view sky tree but you can do that while resting in the park.

However, the park would be very crowded during cherry blossom seasons and you might not able to relax.

Please be careful to the choice of the season you go!


Tourist Information about Sumida Park


【Japanese Name】台東区立隅田公園 (Daito kuritsu Sumida Park)

【English】Sumida Park

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Hanakawado 1

【Access】3 minutes walk from Tobu line “Asakusa station”. 5 minutes walk from Toei Asakusa line “Asakusa station”





Popular Tourist Attractions 3: Edo-Tokyo Museum



I am sure that some of you want to learn about Japanese history.

Then let’s feel the good olden days of Japan!

In Edo-Tokyo Museum, you can experience the history and lives in Japan from Edo era.


How to enjoy Edo-Tokyo Museum: Experience the life in Showa era



Edo-Tokyo Museum was established for the purpose of thinking about the future of Tokyo.

The museum is divided into two sections, Edo section and Tokyo section. You can experience the lives of people from Edo era to the time of World War Two.

There are 2,500 in showcase which is largest number in Japan.


The most popular one is the exhibition which represent the house in the early Showa era.

You can go into the living room and feel like you time travel in that time.

Beside this exhibition, there is the exhibition that you can ride on Daruma bicycle and lifting up soil basket. It is more exciting than just watching the exhibition.


The museum can be enjoyable for child who often get bored with watching exhibition!

All families members can spend good time!

Why don’t you go to the Edo-Tokyo Museum and “experience” the history of Japan.


Tourist Information about Edo-Tokyo Museum


【Japanese Name】江戸東京博物館 (Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan)

【English Name】Edo-Tokyo Museum

【Address】Tokyo Sumidaku Yokozuna 1chome 4ban 1go東京都墨田区横綱1丁目4番1号

【Access】3 minutes walk from West exit and 7 minutes walk from East exit in Ryogoku station


【Fees】Adult: 600 JPY, Above 65: 300  JPY, College students: 480 JPY, High school and middle school students: 300 JPY, Middle school students in Tokyo and under primary school: Free

【Open】9:30〜17:30(Saturday 9:30〜19:30)

【Close】Every Mondays, the end and beginning of the year (December 28th to January 1st)



Popular Tourist Attractions in Asakusa 4: Asakusa  Hanayashiki



Like Edo-Tokyo Museum, Asakusa Hanayashiki is the theme park and tourist attraction that you can feel Japanese history.


It takes only 3 minutes walk from Tsukuba express Asakusa station, and 5minutes from Tobu SKY TREE line Asakusa station.

Asakusa Hanayashiki was once demolished in 1947, but re-established again.

The ordinary theme park is bright and busy, but Asakusa Hanayashiki has unique atmosphere which reflects Japanese culture.


How to enjoy Hanayashi: Roller Coaster



The one of the most popular attraction in Asakusa Hanayashiki, the roller coaster. Usually the roller coasters’ height limit is 140cm but for Asakusa Hanayashiki it is only 110 cm.

Isn’t it very child-friendly?


In addition, this roller coaster is the oldest roller coaster in Japan. It run through buildings and you can see the unique scenery.

The maximum speed is 42 kilometers per hour. This sounds a bit slow but you don’t feel that slow when you actually ride it.

The required time for this attraction is one and half minute so small kids can also enjoy it.

Please visit there with your family!


Tourist Information about Asakusa Hanayashiki


【Japanese Name】浅草花やしき (Asakusa Hanayahiki)

【English】Asakusa  Hanayashiki

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Asakusa 2-28-1

【Access】3 minutes walk from Tsukuba express Asakusa station, and 5minutes from Tobu sky street line Asakusa station.


【Fees】Adult: 1,000 JPY. Primary school students and eldery: 500 JPY. Under kindergarten: Free




Popular Tourist Attractions in Asakusa 5: TOKYO SKY TREE



The tower was opened in 2012 and 5,000,000 people visit there every year.

This was built for radio tower to replace Tokyo Tower. The height is 634 after Musashi (the old name of tokyo area).

This is the highest radio tower in the world. The second tallest architect next to Burj Khalīfah. By the way, TOKYO SKY TREE aimed to be the number one tallest architect in the world but the record was broken by Buri Khakifah which had kept secret its height during its construction.


How to enjoy TOKYO SKY TREE: Must go to Sumida Aquarium in Soramachi!


SKY TREE is not just a radio tower.

It’s a huge entertainment facility that has two kinds of observatory, shopping malls, restaurants, planetarium, experience section of companies and aquarium.


The most recommended attraction is Sumida Aquarium!

This lies in 5F and 6F of Soramachi which is next to SKY TREE.


The fee is 2,500 JPY for adult. Not really different from the usual aquarium.

The year though passport is 4,100 JPY and you can earn back the cost by visiting 2 times.

I also have the passport and there is no limitation for the entry so it is a great deal♪






My favorite is “Heteroconger hassi”.

You will see tons of Heteroconger hassi moving “Nyuru Nyorori”.




In its water burial, you can also see Razorfish




When it came to aquarium, the number one is penguin!

In Sumida aquarium, you can meet many Magellanic penguin!


Tourist Information about TOKYO SKYTREE


【Japanese Name】 東京スカイツリー


【Address】Tokyo Sumidaku Oshiue 1 chome


Tobu Skytree line “TOKYO SKYTREE station”

Hanzomo line “Oshiage (SKYTREE) station”

Short walk from the stations.


【Open Hours】 Observatories 8:00~22:00 ※depends on the facility


Soramachi for free.

Please check this for the fee of observatory



Popular Tourist Attractions in Asakusa 6: Sumida River Terrace



The terrace beside the Sumida River is the tourist attraction where you can also enjoy walking.

On weekends, there are people enjoy cycling and running.


Clean your mind in the terrace


You can enjoy hearing the sound of the river, watching the great SKY TREE and breathing the fresh air.

On the way, you will see various scenery like park, bridge, gardens and high buildings.



In night time, the buildings and SKY TREE are lighten up, and it creates nice mood.

This is very suitable place for dating with love one so I recommend you to go there in spring and fall when the air is clear.


Tourist Information about Sumida River Terrace


【Japanese Name】隅田川テラス

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku/ SUmidaku Sumida Riverside

【Closest station】Asakusa station, Azumabashi station




Popular Tourist Attraction 7: Imado Shrine



Sensoji is the most famous temple in Asakusa, but this Imado shrine becomes popular nowadays.

That is because this shrine worships for love fortune.

People who are struggle in love or get married often visit this shrine.


How to enjoy Imado shrine: Pray on pair of fortune cats


This shrine is the origin of Maneki Neko (fortune cats) and you can see them painted on the board, statue and etc...basically everywhere.

Since the shrine worship about love, the Manekineko are also pair.

We can expect that fortune would be double too.

No matter you are single or be in relationship, please visit the shrine if you want to have success on love relationship.


Tourist Information about Imado shrine


【Japanese Name】今戸神社 (Imado Jinja)

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku 1chome 5-22東京都台東区今戸1丁目5−22

【Access】15 minutes walk from Asakusa station 浅草駅から徒歩15分




Popular Tourist Attractions in Asakusa 8: Kappabashi Street



This street has been there since Taisho era and you can see the houses from long time ago.

The length is 1 kilometer and there are over 170 stores for “cocking equipment”.

Beside the equipment, you can buy dishes, foods, cocking cloth and food sample.

most of the customers are chef but the street is enjoyable for all who are interested in cooking.


Since the equipment are great quality of Japanese technology, there are many customers come from overseas.

This attraction would recall the good old days.

It is fun to see the goods even though you don’t buy them!


Tourist Information about Kappabashi Street


【Japanese Name】かっぱ橋道具街

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Matsugadani 3-18-2

【Access】15 minutes walk from Asakusa station




In this page, we introduced the tourist attractions in Asakusa where you can feel the Japanese history.

After learning the history, let’s see the mature place, Ginza!