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Perfect Travel Guide for Tokyo ! Things to do in Tokyo for Tourists in Japan.You can see maps,foods,souvenirs,and culture.

Tokyo is the central for not only economics, politics and culture, but also sightseeing. However, there might be some who are not very familiar with them. In this article, the author would introduce the famous sightseeing areas in Tokyo.

In the previous page, we introduced recommended tourist attractions in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

In the page, we shall present, Ueno and Nippori, the “historical town” in Tokyo.



Famous Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 1: Shinobazu Ike (Ueno)



Ueno is the place where visitors feel the most comfort place. Especially for those who is first visit in Tokyo.

I’m sure that many of you come up with the zoo and cherry blossom when you hear about Ueno.

Firstly, we would like to introduce leading three tourist attractions.


The one of them is Shinobazu Ike in Ueno Onho Park.

You might imagine the scene will full cherry blooming on the TV show in spring.

In Shinobazu Ike, you can enjoy such cherry blossoms scene in springs, and lotus in summer.


In this time, we will suggest the way to enjoy Shinobazu Ike leisurely.

Let’s take a look!


How to enjoy Shinobazu Ike: Enjoy the nature in “Boat Pond”



In Shinobazu Ike, you can enjoy the scenery in every seasons.

The best way to explore it is to see the nature in “Boat Pond.”

In the pond, you can have fun with nature scenery, watching lotus and gulls.


By the way, there are three types of boats you can ride.

Hands-pedaling boat (Nickname: flatboat, a boat for three adults)

Foots-pedaling boat (Nickname: Cycle boat: boats for two adults and one kid)

Swan boat (a boat for three adults, the roof top is shaped of Swan)

You can pick one from these three types of boats.

Also, the fee is quite cheap so is friendly for your wallet.


When you ride on the boat, you will see gulls and other birds just right next to you.

In the morning, there are more bulls there.

Why don’t you pulling boats and feel relaxing atmosphere in the center of Japan?.


Tourist Information about Shinobazu-no-Ike


【Japanese Name】不忍池(Shinobazuike)

【English Name】Shinobazu Ike

【Address】Tokyo Taito Ku Ueno Koen 2-1

【Closest stations】JR Ueno Station (Keisei line, Yamanote line)

【access】Walk: 6 minutes from Ueno station. Bus: 5 minutes walk from the bus stop Tozai Megurine Bus “Shinobazu Ike.”

【Boat Fee】Hands-pulling boat 700 JPY for one hour. Foots- pulling about 700 JPY for one hour. Swan boat 700 JPY for 30 minutes.




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 2: Ueno Zoo (Ueno)



When you hear Ueno, you might think of “Ueno Zoo.”

Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan opened in 1882.


The zoo is divided into two sections, “Higashi en” and “Nishi en” and you can see different animals there. The most famous animal is “Panda” and I’m sure you also want to see them.

I will explain how to enjoy Ueno zoo.


How to enjoy Ueno Zoo 1: Enter the zoo right after its open


Ueno zoo is always crowded on the weekend.

There are also many foreign visitors so it is rare that the zoo can be empty in the evening. So please enter the zoo as soon as it’s opened.

The open is 9:30 am, and you can wait beforehand.


How to enjoy Ueno Zoo 2: Start from Higashi En where you can meet the pandas



The ones you want to see is in Higashi En!

Also, there are giant pandas, Asian elephants, and polar bears.

Sound very powerful.


Giant pandas are right next to the panda house beside the gate.

They are not very active, so they just eat or sleep daily.

However, when they try to move to eat bamboo grass, so eating time, which is right in the open is recommended a chance to see pandas.

Hope you can meet the kawaii pandas!


Tourist Information about Ueno Zoo


【Japanese Name】上野動物園 (Ueno Doubutsuen)

【English Name】Ueno Zoo

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Uenokoen 9-83

【Access】Train: 8 minutes walk from JR Ueno station. Car: there is no parking lot, so please use the train


【Close】Monday, end, and beginning of the New Year (12/29~1/1)

【Fee】Adult: 600 JPY. Above 65: 300 JPY. Under middle school 200 JPY.



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and NIppori 3: Ueno Ameyoko (Ueno)



The third one is Ameya Yokocho also known as Ameyoko.

There are many foreign visitors so you can feel a unique atmosphere there.

I will introduce the way to enjoy Ameyoko from now on.

How to enjoy AMeyoko: Walk around the underground shopping mall



Ameyoko is one of the biggest shopping mall so if you do not like the crowd.

In this time, I would like to present the “other side” of Ameyoko, which is called “Chika Shotengai”.


The official name of the underground shopping mall is “Ameyoko Center Building underground shopping mall”.

You can buy the imported goods such as Shan Hai crabs and spices from all over the world.

Moreover, the price is excellent so you can enjoy the foods from the world without caring about the cost.

Thus, there are many foreign visitors but fewer people compared to the above ground, and you can meet rare foods there.


If you like spicy food, this is the right place to go to get spices.

Please visit the underground shopping mall if you have the chance to go to Ameyoko.


Tourist Information about Ueno Ameyoko


【Japanese Name】上野アメヤ横丁商店街 (Ueno Ameya Yokocho Shotengai)

【English Name】Ueno Ameyoko

【Address】Tokyo Taito Ku Ueno 4・6 home (Underground shopping mall: Tokyo Daitoku Ueno 4-7-8 Ameyoko Center Building Basement 1F)

【Access】Short away from the chute exit in JR Ueno station


【Underground Mall・Open Hour】10:00〜19:00 (This is same as the open hours of the building so be careful!)




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 4: Tokyo National Museum (Ueno)


Tokyo National Museum is founded in 1872 and the oldest museum in Japan.

The museum is divided into 5 sections, 本館 (main building), 表慶館 (Hyokeikan),  東洋館 (Toyokan), 平成館 (Heiseikan), 法隆寺宝物館 (Houryuji Houmotsukan).




The museum holds the special event every year. The famous one was Tutankhamun exhibition in 1965 and Mona Lisa exhibition in 1974. They attracted many people.

It is nice to spend the time in a museum to learn the history, arts, and culture rather than visiting many attractions.

The whole area is very big, but there are many stops to take rest.




How to enjoy Tokyo National Museum: “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” pilgrimage


Tokyo National Museum is famous as the model place for “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”.

The other article ( Pilgrimage of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time") sum up the pilgrimage so please check it out!




The movie came up in 2006. Ten years later, the movie was screened in the museum as the 10th anniversary of the film.

Not only as the tourist attraction, but this place is also good for the pilgrimage so there are many ways you can enjoy the museum!


Tourist Information about Tokyo Natl. Museum


【Japanese Name】東京国立博物館 (Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan)

【English】Tokyo Natl. Museum

【Address】Tokyo Taito Ku Ueno Park 13-9

【Access】10 minutes walk from “Koen Guchi exit” of JR Ueno Station

【Open】9:30 am to 5 pm ※During the special exhibition (March 2016 to December) Friday is opened until 8 pm. November 3rd (Thursday) opens until 8pm. Kuroda Memorial Museum opens till 5 pm. Last entry is 30 minutes before its close.

【Close】Monday (if Monday is on holiday, the next day closes). The end and beginning of the year

【Fee】Adults: 620 JPY, College students 410 JPY ※you will get 100 JPY discount if you go to more than 20 people



From now, I would like to introduce tourist attractions in Nippori.



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 5: Nippori Fibers Street



This place is one stop away from Ueno station.

Nippori is one of the historical places in Tokyo.

The one of the recommended tourist attraction in Nippori is Nippori Fibers Street.


Nippori has been the main city for fabric for long time.

Many trailers visit Nippori and buy the variety of fabric.

There are four sales in a year, and you can get rare material with good price.

Then I will talk about more about Nippori!


How to enjoy Nippori: Males can also enjoy “The first EDWIN”



In Nippori, there are 60 stores include retail and wholesale stores.

Within the stores, there are L-music from Europe and Pakira which focus on clothing fabric.

Most of the stores are the famous brand which has been there for a long time.


Buttons, cotton, beads and handcraft materials… this is the best place for those who like the craftworks.

For those who like fashion, you can get extra excitement with the materials too!


There is headquarter of EDWIN on Nippori Fibers Street. Males can also enjoy the street!

For many of you, the first choice for jeans might be EDWIN. Since it is the head office, the new models are sold right after its coming.

The Nippori Fibers Street is not only for ladies but also gentlemen too! Please visit and enjoy the store.


Tourist Information about Nippon Fibers Street/ EDWIN Nippori


【Japanese Name】日暮里繊維街/EDWIN・日暮里店 (Nippori Fibers Street/EDWIN Nippori)

【English】Nippori Fibers Street/EDWIN Nippori

【Address】Tokyo Arakawaku Higashi Nippori 5-33-1-/ Tokyo Arakawaku Higashi Nippori 5-50-18

【Access】3 minutes walk from South exit in Nishi Nippori (JR line)

【Open】10:00〜18:00 /11:00〜20:00




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 6: National Museum of Nature and Science



National Science Museum is the only Universal Science Museum in Japan.

There are many exhibitions related to coexistence with nature and human.


Also, there are many attractions such as ecology, dinosaur fossil and the history of mankind which everyone can enjoy.

The full-scale models of coelacanth and mammoth fossil very powerful.

They describe the ancient times very well so children must be very excited!


How to enjoy National Museum of Nature and Science: Feel the earth in theater 36O



One of the recommended ways to enjoy the National Museum of Nature and Science is theater 36O.

The inside of the 12.8-meter dome is all screen, and you can watch the video whose theme is “Earth.”


The one of the popular exhibition at the International Exhibition in 2005, “the house of earth” is moved to this museum and you can enjoy that too.

The video is only 10 minutes long so you can also saw other attractions too.


Tourist Information about National Museum of Nature and Science


【日本語名称】国立科学博物館 (Kokuritu Kagaku Hakubutsukan)

【English】National Museum of Nature and Science

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Ueno Park 7-20

【Access】5 minutes walk from “Koen exit” in JR Ueno station. 7 minutes walk from “7th exit” in Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Hibiya line Ueno station.

【Open】Usual 9:00〜17:00 Friday9:00〜20:00 ※Final entry is before 30 minutes of its closure

【Close】Every Mondays 2016, June 20th to 24th

【Fees】Adults and college students: 620 JPY. Under high school students free. Group discount for 310 JPY.




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 7: Nezu Shrine (Nippori)



Nezu shrine has “願掛けカヤの木 (Prayer Tree of Kaya)” and “千本鳥居 (thousands torii)” which reminds us Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

Nowadays, many foreign visitors come to this shrine.


How to enjoy Nezu shrine: Gain the power from the shrine where great writers loved long time ago


Since there is the University of Tokyo nearby, Soseki Natsume and Ogai Mori often visited this shrine.

The rock where they sit on is now called “Bungie Ikoi no Ishi(a rock for writers to take rest)”


Also, Nezu shrine has very strong luck.

The shrine experienced Tokyo great earthquake and air attack; the shrine was not damaged.

You might receive the part of its luck from this miracle shrine.


Since this shrine worships not only the God for love fortune but also the God for academic success. For those who wants that kind of success, this is the right place to go.

As I mentioned earlier, this shrine was loved by great writers so you might get the luck from that too.


Tourist Information about Nezu shrine


【Japanese Name】Nezu shrine

【Address】Tokyo Bunkyo-Ku Nezu 1-28-9

【Closest station】5 minutes walk from Sendagi station




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ueno and Nippori 8: Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street



After enjoying Asakusa, I recommend you to go to Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street which is known as the place for going on location.

The street is a bit far from the central Asakusa, but it is worth of going!


Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street is the location of the Japanese drama “A Place in the Sun”.

The stairs right from of the entrance are called “Yuyake Dandan” because you can see the beautiful sunset from here.

Also, there are many cats on this street so for those who is cat lovers shall visit and see them!


How to enjoy Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street: Walk around and eat!



The best way to enjoy the street is to eat the foods sold on the street.

If you take a look at the stores, you can feel the history.

There is one store which has run for more than 70 years.

On the street, you will see many people laugh and enjoy communication.

This atmosphere is hard to see in this modern society.


My favorites foods are “Korokke” and “Menchi Katsu”. I almost get addicted  because they are too good!

There are also “Taiyaki” and Japanese sweets which contain Japanese chestnut so dessert lovers must enjoy them.

However, there is no lavatory on the street, so you need to ask the restaurants to use the bathroom.

Don't eat too much!


Tourist Information about Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street


【Japanese Name】Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

【English】 Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

【Address】Tokyo Daitoku Yanaka 3 chome and Tokyo Arakawa Ku Nishi-Nippori 3 home

【Access】5 minutes walk from JR Yamanote line “Nishi Nippori station.” 5 minutes walk from Toei CHikatetsu Chiyoda line “Sendagi station.”



In this article, we introduced the recommended tourist attractions in Ueno and Nippori.

The next page is about recommended tourist attractions Asakusa!