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Perfect Travel Guide for Tokyo ! Things to do in Tokyo for Tourists in Japan.You can see maps,foods,souvenirs,and culture.

Tokyo is the central for not only economics, politics and culture, but also sightseeing. However, there might be some who are not very familiar with them. In this article, the author would introduce the famous sightseeing areas in Tokyo.

In the previous page, we introduced the popular tourist attractions in historical area, Asakusa.

In this page, we will present recommended tourist attractions in “adult-place”, Ginza.

You think Ginza is too fancy place to go? There are actually many free places you can go!



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 1: Kabuki Theater (Ginza)



I will introduce the town for adults, Ginza.

The first tourist attraction is Kabuki Theater where you can watch Kabuki, Japanese traditional entertainment.


The architect of Kabuki Theater looks very old Japanese style but it has been reconstructed for 5 times!

The present architect was constructed in 2013.

Let’s take a look at the recommended attractions in Kabuki Theater.


How to enjoy Kabuki Theater: Check for famous actors



The first visitors might have no idea what drama they should watch.

For those who are uncertain about their favorite, I recommend you to watch “助六由緑江戸桜 (Sukeroku Yuen Edo Zakura)”.

The famous Kabuki actors such as Ainosuke Kataoka and Ebizo Ichikawa play in the show.


Also, “勧進帳 (Kanshincho)” is the other show I recommend.

Be careful to choose what show you watch, to prevent falling asleep!


Tourist Information about Kabuki Theater


【Japanese Name】歌舞伎座 (Kabukiza)

【English】Kabuki Theater

【Address】Tokyo chuoku Ginza 4-12-15

【Access】Short walk from 3rd exit in Tokyo metro Hibiya line/ Toei Asakusa line Ginza station

【Open】10:00〜18:00 (There are few exception)


【Fees】Adult: 600 JPY, Middle and High School Student: 500 JPY, Under Primary School : free

【Contact】03-3545-6800 (to representative)



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 2: Ginza Street (Ginza)



This is the place you must go when you come to Ginza.

Shibuya crossing represents Shibuya area, and Ginza street represents Ginza area.

You might pay attention on those tall buildings and stores but there is pedestrian precinct in Ginza street.


How to enjoy Ginza street: Come to the pedestrian precinct time



I assume many of you want to go Ginza for enjoyable shopping.

For those people, I recommend you to go there during the pedestrian precinct time.


It is waste of time to wait for traffic lights!

The pedestrian precinct starts from noon on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

If you want to go for shopping, please go on that time!


Tourist Information about Ginza Street


【Japanese Name】銀座通り (Ginza Dori)

【English】Ginza Street

【Address】From Ginza Dori Crossing to Ginza 8 chome crossing (1,00 kilometers long)

【Recommended visiting hours】During the pedestrian precinct time, starts rom noon (Saturdays, Sunday and holidays)



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 3: SONY Building (Ginza)



There are many tall building and head offices in Ginza.

Especially, SONY building is one of the good place to go and enjoy advanced technology for free.

In Ginza office, you can experience the technology and watch some exhibitions for free.


How to enjoy SONY Building: try new products at show rooms


Photo via Visual Hunt


From 1st to 4th floors, there are sections where you can try new SONY products.

On 5th floor, there is “SONY innovation lounge” and you can experience advanced technology there.


Each floor has different new products and they are very impressive!

On the lounge in 5th floor, you can try wearable watch which SONY is now working on.

Recently, they have lectures about camera lens and it would be very helpful customers!

In addition, there is a pub and restaurants in the building so you don’t have to be worry when you get hungry!


Tourist Information about SONY Building


【Japanese Name】ソニービル (SONY Biru)

【English】SONY Building

【Address】Tokyo Chuoku Ginza 5-3-1

【Access】1 minute walk from B9 exit in Ginza station (Marunouchi, hibiya, Ginza line)






From here, we will introduce the recommended attractions in Tokyo area.



Popular Tourist Attractions 4: Tokyo Station Red Brick Building (Tokyo)




From now on, we will present tourist attractions around Tokyo station.

Tokyo station is known for very complicated station.

This time, I will introduce two best recommended places around Tokyo station.


t has been over 100 years from the establishment of Tokyo station. Many of you come up with this red brick when you hear Tokyo station.

The building is 3 storied in Renessance style.

In the night time, the building is lighten up and it is very beautiful!


How to enjoy Tokyo Station Red Brick Building: Enjoy the dome inside the station



In Tokyo station, there are two domes “North dome” and “South dome”.

Each of the roof tops are designed as unique dome shape.

North dome has 35 meters height and it feels very high!


Inside the building is also European style so please visit and take a look at it.

In the night time, the whole Red Brick Building is lighten up.

By the way, you can go to the red brick building from Marunouchi chuo entrance. Please be careful not to be lost!


Tourist Information about Tokyo Station Red Brick Building


【Japanese Name】東京駅赤レンガ駅舎 (Tokyoeki Akarengaekisya)

【English】Tokyo Station Red Brick Building

【Address】Tokyo Chiyodaku Marunouchi Chuoguchi 1-9-1

【Access】Short walk from Marunouchi exit JR Tokyo station



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 5: Kokyo Gaien National Garden (Tokyo)



The next one is Kokyo Gaien National Garden. You can go there in 10 minutes from Marunouchi Chuo exit in Tokyo station.

When you hear Kokyo Gaien National Garden, you might imagine marathon.

I also enjoy running around Kokyo Gaien National Garden and there are many runners too.

Actually, you can go to Kokyo Gaien National Garden by walk!


How to enjoy Kokyo Gaien National Garden: Wadakura fountain park



There are many ways to enjoy Kokyo Gaien National Garden, and the best way is to go to Wadakura Fountain Park.

As its name says, you can see the fountain in the park.

Since Kokyo Gaien National Garden has alot of nature, the fountain looks wonderful!


There is platform within the fountain and the water runs horizontally.

I recommend you to go there in the night time because the fountain is lighten beautifully.


Tourist Information about Kokyo Gaien National Garden


【Japanese Name】皇居外苑 (Koukyo Gaien)

【English】Kokyo Gaien National Garden

【Address】Tokyo Chiyodaku Kokyo Gaien 1-1

【Access】10 minutes walk from Marunouchi exit in JR TOkyo station




Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 6: Tokyo Tower




Tokyo Tower is in Minatoku Shiba Park, and it was built in 1958 as radio tower.

At the time, Tokyo Tower was the world's highest tower beating Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Before the establishment of TOKYO SKYTREE, Tokyo Tower was the highest building in Japan.

Now it is second highest tower, however, it still attracts many people.


How to enjoy Tokyo Tower: Tokyo Tower in the night




Tokyo Tower is lighten up after the sunset and till mid-night. The tower looks very different from daytime.

You can go to the observatory in the tower, but also it is good to see the tower from outside.

For each special event, such as Olympics and World cup, Tokyo tower is lighten in different colors.


Around Tokyo tower in night time, the place is known as good dating spot.

There are some people who propose to lovers behind the great night Tokyo tower view.

TOKYO SKYTREE is good but Tokyo tower is also great place to go and feel the good old atmosphere.


Tourist Information about Tokyo Tower


【Japanese Name】東京タワー (Tokyo Tawa)

【English】Tokyo Tower

【Address】Tokyo Minatoku Shibakouen 4-2-8

【Access】5 minutes walk from Akabashiguchi in Akabashieki (oedo line), 7 minutes walk from Kamitanicho station (Hibiya line), 6 minutes walk from A1 exit in Onarimon station (Mita line)

【Open】Big observatory: 9:00~22:00(last entry 21:45), Special observatory: 9:00~21:30(last entry21:00)

【Close】No (the special observatory might be closed in bad weather)


【Fees】Big observatory: Adult (above high school student) 900 JPY, Kids (Middle and primary school students) 500 JPY, Kids (younger than 4) 400 JPY ※special observatory (plus the fee of big observatory) adults: 700 JPY, kids 500 JPY, kids (younger than 4) 400JPY



Popular Tourist Attractions in Ginza and Tokyo 7: Wadakura Fountain Park (Tokyo)



The park is set in the town area surrounded by many tall buildings.

As its name says, there is fountain in the park and you can enjoy beautiful lightning during nighttime.


How to enjoy: Wadakura the illumination in winter


The illumination in the park in winter is very impressive.

You can enjoy it for free and it is worth of visiting.



This park was built for celebration of Imperial marriage in 1961.

It was reconstructed in 1995 under the aim, “continuation and new development” and it is kept very clean.

The park has a lot of green and water so I recommend you to go there for dating.


Tourist Information about Wadakura Fountain Park


【Japanese Name】和田倉噴水公園 (Wadakura Funsui Kouen)

【Address】Tokyo Chiyodaku Koukyo Gaien 3-1

【Closest station】Tokyo station, Otemachi station, Hutaebashimae station

【Contact】03-3213-0095 (Ministry of Environment’s Koukyo Gaien office)



In this page, we introduced the recommended places in Ginza and Tokyo.

The next page is about the same adult areas, Roppongi and Akasaka.