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Perfect Travel Guide for Tokyo ! Things to do in Tokyo for Tourists in Japan.You can see maps,foods,souvenirs,and culture.

Tokyo is the central for not only economics, politics and culture, but also sightseeing. However, there might be some who are not very familiar with them. In this article, the author would introduce the famous sightseeing areas in Tokyo.

In the previous page, we introduced recommended spots in Roppongi and Akasaka.

The following page is about recommended spots in Edogawa and Koutou.



Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 1: Kasai Rinkai Park


Edogawaku Kasai borders on Chiba. In Kasa, there is a huge park.

Playing, having barbecue, eiding ferris wheel and watching aquariaum are available in this park.

I will present more about Kasai Rinkai Park.


Kasai Rinkai Aquarium


In the center of the park, there is a big aquarium.

It once became popular about the news of tuna fish.

This is one of the famous aquarium in Tokyo and many couples go there for date.


The highlight of this aquarium is watching penguin section and the migratory fish.

You can watch behavior of penguin and swim of bluefin tuna which is very rare.



Birds Park


In Kasai Rinkai park, there is birds park.

They provide not only observation of wild birds but also lecture about behaviour od birds. It is good place to go for those who like birds.



Big Ferris Wheel of Diamond and Flower


The Ferris wheel is the symbol of Kasai Rinkai park.

It is 117 meters high, 111 meters in diameter and it takes 17 minutes per circule.

The Ferris wheel is lighten up in nighttime and it is very beautiful. Of course it is good place for date.



Tourist Information about Kasai Rinkai Park


【Japanese Name】葛西臨海公園 (Kasai Rinkai Kouen)

【English】Kasai Rinkai Park

【Address】Edogawaku Rinkaichou 6 chome

【Access】1 minute walk from JR Kasai Rinkai Kouen stationJR


【Regular Closed day】None (service center is closed on the end and begining of the year)





Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 2: Metro Museum (Edogawa)


Metro Museum is regular spot for primary students to go for school trip.

The museum is under the bridge of Kasai station, and focues on Metro.


The museum is run by Metro Cultural Foundation. The theme of this museum is “Watch it, Touch it and Move it”.

As the theme says, there are many rare attractions that you can actually touch.


How to enjoy Metro Museum: Ride driving simulator


The eye-catching attraction is driving simulator. This is the same one as used for training of drivers.

The museum also have concert hall and classic music concerts are often held there.


Train lovers must love this museum.

If your kids like train, I recommend to visit there.



Tourist Information about Metro Museum


【Japanese Name】地下鉄博物館 (Chikatetsu Hakubutsukan)

【Address】Tokyo Edogawaku Kasai 6 chome 3 ban 1 gou Under bridge of TOkyo Metro Touzai line Kasai station

【Access】1 minute walk from Kasai station (Tokyo Metro Touzai line)


【Regular Closed day】New Year’s holydays, Mondays

【Open】10am ~ 5pm

【Fees】Adults: 210 JPY, Kids: 100 JPY


From now on, we will introduce the recommended tourist spots in Koutou.



Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 3: KidsZania


KidsZania is facility for kids to have job expreience.

The all attractions are designed for them and they are all smaller than the originals.

They can enjoy over 100 kinds of jobs and they also can earn their creation.

The place is very popular and has limited number, I recommend to reserve ticket first.


How to enjoy KidsZania Tokyo: Plan your route with City Map


After the entrance, you will get a city map,which is the map of the facility.

Please stop and think about the plan.

The facility is very crowded so it is better to make plan first and visit the place that you really want to go.

It is good to tell your kids where and how we should go.

Then, they must enjoy KidsZania.


There might be worries what parents should do durgin the kids enjoy the attractions.

Don’t worry. There is resting place for parents.

You can see the kids from monitors and glasses. Taking photos is available if there is no glass.

Make great memories there!



Tourist Information about KidsZania Tokyo


【Name】キッザニア東京 (KidsZania Tokyo)

【Address】Tokyo Etou-Ku Toyosu 2-4-9 urban Dog Lalaport Toyosu Northport 3rd floor 33200


8 minutes walk frim 2nd exit of Toyosu station (Tokyo metro Yurakucho line)
8 minutes walk from Toyosu station (Yurikamome)




【Fees】Depends on plan(usual reservation for 3,000〜4,000 JPY)



Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 4: Oedo Onsen Monogatari (Koutou)


Do you remember that the news about hot spring appear in Odaiba, Tokyo?

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is the big theme park that holds that hot spring.

There are onsen (hot spring), ashiyu (hot water for foots), snack store, hostels and archade in the facility.


Oedo Onsen Monogatari places the facility as street fair in Edo period.

Thus visitors receive yukata to wear and walk around the street fair.



The water comes from 1400 meters below the ground and it has right sulfur smell.


How to enjoy Oedo Onsen Monogatari: Tke bath, drink sake and sleep at the hotel


To fully enjoy the facility, you should visit the facilities attached to the onsen.

It is waste to only take bath in the onsen.

After the entry, change to yukata and take bath.

After that, goto izakaya and drink sake. Then play in arcade.

There is free nap rooms in Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Please use the room or reserve rooms in hotel.

In the next morning, go to onsen and take bath again.


Then you can say that you fully enjoy Oedo Onsen Monogatari.

Maybe you don’t enough time to and have to leave there early.

However, if you have time please try everything there.

If you want to go to onsen during the visit in Tokyo, please go to Oedo Onsen Monogatari.


Tourist Information about Oedo onsen Monogatari


【Japanese Name】大江戸温泉物語

【English】Oedo Onsen Monogatari

【Address】Tokyo Koutouku Aomi 2chome 6ban 3

【Access】2 minutes walk from “telecom center station” or take free bus at Tokyo teleport station


【Regular closed day】None

【Open】11:00am ~ 9:00am (next morning)


Weekdays:2,612 JPY

Weekends and holidays:2,828 JPY

※There are discount for night time entry



Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 5: Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza


Most of the Odaiba visitors go to Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza.

This is the huge shoppping mall in front of Tokyo tekeport station.

There are mainly stores for clothing, household goods and foods.


Especially, restaurants comes up as an example.

In the food court on second floor, there are many restaurants come from all over Japan.

The famous ones are affiated restaurants of Rokurinsha and Kimukatsu tei.

This is the only place where those famous restaurants gather.

The food court is very big but it is always filled with people.

it is important not to gie up on finding sheets.


How to enjoy Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza: Watch Gundamu



The most recommended spot in Odaiba Diver City Plaza is Gundam Front where real size Gundam is exhibited.

This is real Gundam is only in the world.

Gundam fans must go there but it is worth of visiting for those who are not the big fan of Gundam.

Gundam Front in Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza has Gundam museum and gundam cafe to

fully enjoy Gundam.

Please visit Tokyo Diver City Plaza and find favorite way to enjoy your time!


Tourist Information about Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza


【Japanese】お台場 ダイバーシティ東京プラザ

【English】Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza

【Address】Tokyo Koutouku Aomi 1-1-10

【Access】3 minutes walk from Tokyo teleport station


【Regular closed day】None




Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 6: Yumenoshima Park (Koutou)


Have you ever heard Yumenoshima?

The island was known as waste disposal site.

The land is now recovered and become a park.


The park is famous for its nature which we can enjoy different scenery in different seasons.

There are site for barbecue, stadium, botanical garden and marina. People can use the park in various way.



How to enjoy Yumenoshima Prk: Visit the botabical gaeden


In Yumenoshima park, the most enjoyable place for everyone is the botanical garden.

It consists three big greenhouses, and they have many plants brought from tropical area.

The garden also has movie theater and halls for events so that people can not only observe the plants but also learn them.

The warm air in the garden is actually made of hot water which comes from waste treatment center.

There are various ways to explore Yumenoshima Park. Please visit the park!


Tourist Information about Yumenoshima Park


【Japanese Name】夢の島公園 (Yumenoshima Kouen)

【English】Yumenoshima Park

【Address】Koutouku Yumenoshima

【Access】15 minutes walk from Shinkiba station


【Fees】Depends on facility



Popular Tourist Attractions in Edogawa and Koutou 7: Kiyosumi garden (Koutou)


Kiyosumi garden in Koutou Kiyosumishirakawa, people can enjoy beautiful scenery.

The major stereotype of Tokyo is urban city, but please visit Kiyosumi garden where you can feel a lot of nature.

The place is known as Basho Matsu used to visit during Oku no Hosomichi.


How to enjoy Seichou garden: View the preserved scenic spots



You can walk around the garden and view scenic spots.

There are not only ponds and green but also famous rocks.

It would be a good discovery of Tokyo.

Please visit there for sightseeng, date and relaxation.


Tourist Information about Kiyosumi Garden


【Japanese Name】清澄庭園 (Kiyosumi Teien)

【English】Seicho Garden

【Address】Tokyo Koutouku Kiyosumi

【Open】9:00〜27:00 (last entry by 4:30pm)(入園は午後4:30まで)

【Fee】Adult: 150 JPY, older than 65: 70 JPY (middle school students in Tokyo: free)




in the article, we introduced recommended sports where first time visitors can enjoy.

It is not easy but very exciting to go around Tokyo because it has a lot of good places to visit.

There are many other places we could not present. But it might be good but I suggest to visit the ones we showed first.


We hope this article to be a trigger for your Tokyo tour and sightseeing.

If there is great tourist attraction during your travel, please contact us, TABI CHANNEL .