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【Your Name.】The spoiler and pilgrimage sites(model places) of a movie "Your Name"

“Your Name” is a movie directed by Makoto Shinkai, a young animation director.

In this article, we introduce the movie and its model places(pilgrimage sites) with pictures.

You can see model places of this movie in Tokyo,Nagano,Gifu,and Hiroshima

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Caution:This article contains spoiler contents




Before reading this article, this article is for those who already watched ”Your Name” at least once. In the article, we had uploaded scenes from “Your Name” to make a comparison  between the real scenely.

For audience to recall the story and the excitement, there are description of the movie as well as introduction of the story.

This article consist of  “spoiler” content, if you have not watch “Your Name”  please read the article from the middle , which is “description for pilgrimage”, or check the content to pick up.

if you are “have not watch yet, but it’s fine to be spoiled!”, please continue to read the article.


Moreover, in the second half, there are introductions for other films that directed by director Makoto Shinkai and the description of the stories.

If you became a fan of Makoto Shinkai by after watching “Your Name”, hopefully the following article might be a reference for you to choose what film to watch next.

And, if there are any insufficient description or seeking for further details or any comment, feel free to contact TABI CHANNEL





The construction of this is article is listed below.


First Part: introduction of ”your name”, outline, story of description, characters and voice actors, analysis and discussion of the mystery of the movie.

Middle Part: introduction of the “holy land” (model of the places), the mapfor the pilgrimage, and comparison between the movie scenes and the holy land.

Last Part: Description of the film director- Makoto Shinkai’s related works pieces and the outline.

Extra Part: More articles about other recomended anime’s “pilgrimage”.


In the first part of this article, in addition to the introduction of the film, there are outline and detailed story description.

Since most of them are movie spoilers, for those who have not watched the movie yet, please read the article from the middle.



What is "Your Name"

The introduction of "Your Name"


※Caution for the spoiler. The outline and the description for "Your Name"


The outline and the description for "Your Name" 1: Mitsuha longs for city life

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 2: The ohenomenon of the spirits-switching between Mitsuha and Taki

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 3: The end of spirits-switching between Mitsuha and Taki

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 4: Mitsuha's story uncovered by Taki

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 5: Miracle spirits-switching between Taki and Mitsuha

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 6: The defence of Itomori by Taki in Mitsuha's body

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 7: The defence of Itomori by Mitsuha with Taki's wish

The outline and the description for "Your Name" 8: The ending of the story


Characters and voice actors in "Your Name"

Taki Tachibana: main character

Mitsuha Miyamizu: main character

Miki Okudera: Taki's senior colleague

Tsukasa Fujii:Taki's classmate

Shinta Takagi: Taki's classmate

Yotsuha Miyamizu: Mitsuha's young sister

Hitoha Miyamizu: Mitsuha's grandmother

Katsuhiko Teshigawara: Mitsuha's best friend

Sayaka Natori: Mitsuha's best friend

Teacher Yuki-chan: Mitsuha's high school teacher for classic Japanese literature class


The complete description and examination for "Your Name"

Why do Mitsuha and Taki's spirits were switched?

Why does Mitsuha have a hair-cut?


The map for "Your Name" pilgrimage


"Your Name" pilgrimage <Tokyo>

【Shinjuku】 "Your Name" pilgrimage

【Shinanomachi】 "Your Name" pilgrimage

【Yotsuya】 "Your Name" pilgrimage

【Shibuya】 "Your Name" pilgrimage

【Roppongi】 "Your Name" pilgrimage


"Your Name" pilgrimage <Nagano>

【Suwa】 "Your Name" pilgrimage


"Your Name" pilgrimage <Gifu>

【Hida】 "Your Name" pilgrimage


"Your Name" pilgrimage <Hiroshima>

【Hiroshima】 "Your Name" pilgrimage


The introduction of Makoto Shinkai's work pieces before "Your Name"

"Voices of a Distant Star" (2002)

"The Place Promised in Our Early Days" (2004)

"5 Centimeter Per Second"(2007)

"Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below" (2010)

"The Garden of Words" (2013)


 "Your Name" Bonus Section

Collaboration caffe of "Your Name"


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Then let’s start with“Your Name”’s review of the outline and the characters.



What is ”Your Name” ?


Introduction for “Your Name”


Let’s start with review of the outline and the summary of “Your Name”!


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


The anime movie direceted and scripted by Makoto Shinkai has been released in the 300 cinemas on 26 Augest 2016.

After knowing the previous product -”The Garden of Words”, was only released in 23 cinemas, therefore we could feel much more effort is put to the movie-”Your name”.  


The movie is about the phenomenon of spirit-switch between Taki Tachibana a high school boy who lives in Yotsuya, Tokyo and Mitsuha Miyamizu a high school girl who lives in Hida, Gifu. Although they have not gotten to know each other yet, due to Comet-approaching which occur once in thousand years, they have lead to know each other.  


Masayoshi Tanaka who worked for “Toradora! (2008~2009)”, ”Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day(2011)” and ”The Anthem of the Heart(2015)” was responsible for the character design.  Moreover Masashi Ando who work for ”Princess Mononoke(1997)”, “Spirited Away(2001)”, “Paprika(2006)” was also take part in “Your name” as animation supervisor. Is not it a commendable film crew.


Soon, before its release, “Your Name” caught public attention because of those background information about the film crew.

After the release, there was an unexpected big hit and earned about 15 billion yen of box office within 52 days. It was also ranked 11th place which was next to “Ponyo” in the box office ranking till date. In addition, it was the first movie that earned more than 10 billion after “Winds Rises”


※Causion for the Spoiler! The outline and the description for  “Your Name”


In this section, the detailed content of the “Your Name” is written.

For those who have not watched the movie, please skip this part.


Then, allow us to introduce you “Your Name” in following section.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 1 : Mitsuha longs for city life


Mitsuha Miyamori who is living in Itomori-cho where is located in a deep mountain. she also  hates her town because there is nothing new.

Mitsuha was born in the family of Miyamizu shrine, who work as a shrine maiden. she was experiencing boring high school life and dream about the city, Tokyo.

One day, when Mitsuha woke up, her grandmother and her sister (Yotsuha) told her that she was strange yesterday.

However Mitsuha did not remember anything about yesterday yet, her good friend Tessy told her that she was strange too.

Although people around her told her that she acted strangely, Mitsuha could not still recall anything. When Mitsuha opened the note in the school, something unexpected was written in the note. There was written  “Who are you?” in the note.

Despite truth was still unrevealed, Mitsuha had to continue her work routine as a shrine maiden, the preparation of  “kuhcikamizake”


・What is “ kuchikamizake ” that appears in “Your Name”?


Kuchikamizake is a kind of sake (rice wine) which is made from the act of chewing the rice that is eventually vomited into the container.  

The process of making Kuchikamizake is known as a festival and kuchikamizake will then serve to God.

Beside using rice to make kuchikamizake , it can be also made from grain and potatoes which both of them consist of high starch. By chewing it in the mouth,  amylase in the saliva will convert starch into sugar.

Vomit the substance from the mouth and place it into the container for while. Enzymes will then fermentate the sugar into alcohol.

By the way, there are thousands of comments from internet saying that they want to drink Mitsuha’s kuchikamizake .


Back to the movie, Mitsuha’s classmates accidentally saw the process of Misuha making the kuchikamizake and she felt uncomfortable with Mitsuha’s act.

As you can notice from above, being seen the process of making kichikamizake by her classmate is a shame for a teenage girl.  

After experiencing such embarrassing moment, Mitsuha starts to dream about Tokyo even more and wishes to reborn as a handsome guy in Tokyo.

The outline and the description for “Your Name” 2: phenomenon of the spirit-switching between Mitsuha and Taki


On the other day, Mitsuha woke up and felt something was different from what she usually sees.

Immidiately, she realized there was changes to her body.

She did not have breast which she supposed to have, and has something that she is not suppose to have, on her the lower half of the body.

In the mirror,  she could not see herself instead a strange man.

Since she kept wishing herself could be a handsome guy in Tokyo and the view she saw was too realistic, she convinced herself that she was dreaming for this.

She tried her best to get herself to the man’s school and even had the lunch with his friends as well as went to the cafeteria.In the evening, she also did his part-time work. However, she was not used to high school life in city.


On the other hand, another main character, Taki Tachibana had a mysterious experience.

One day when Taki woke up and he felt something was different from what he usually sees.

He even had breast and lost something that should be on his lower half of the body.

When Taki was touching his body, which is now woman’s body, all of sudden one little girl opened the door and looked at Taki uncomfortably.

This little girl is Yotsuha, Mitsuha’s sister. From information given above, audience could tell Taki and Mitsuha exchanged their spirits but not their bodies. The word, “Who are you” on Mitsuha’s note(mentioned above) was actually written by Taki.

Since then, once they fell asleep, spirit-switching happens  by chance of 2 ~3 times per week.

At first they thought it was just a dream but soon, they realized it was not.

They decided to make rules to prevent themselves from ruining each other’s life.



On top of those rules, they started to enjoy their life in opponent body. Mitsuha in Taki’s body became closer to Senior Okudera and hang out with her often.

In fact, Taki had crush on Senior Okudera but did not able to get close with her.

Due to the good reflexes, Taki in Mitsuha’s body, became popular among the schoolmates.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 3: The end of the spirit-switching


When Taki woke up, he received the mail from Senior Okudera. It was about dating.

The dating was actually scheduled by Mitsuha, when she was in Taki’s body.

On the actual day, seldomly, they had spirit-switch again and switched back to themselves.

The “actual” Taki did not get used to talk with girls, and failed to escote Senior Okudera.

Since Senior Okudera was crush on Taki(when Mitsuha is in Taki),  she lost her interest to Taki. Eventually the date did not go well.

After the date, Taki had a phone call to Mitsuha but no one picked it up.




On the other hand,since Mitsuha was very worried about the date, she decided to skip school and went to Tokyo.

On the way to find Taki, Mitsuha bump to Taki. However Taki did not able to recognize Mitsuha.

Mitsuha was very shocked and she gave her hair braid-Kumihimo to Taki when she left.

Since then, the phenomenon of spirt-switching stopped.


The reason why Taki did not  know Mitsuha was because there was time difference between the Taki’s life and Mitsuha’s life.

The time when their spirits were switched, Mitsuha lives in 2013 whereas Taki lives in 2016.

Therefore,Taki could not able to recognize Mitsuha in train as in 2013  which Taki only got to know her in 2016


Such time gap had also answered why Mitsuha missed the phone call from Taki.

It was impossible for Taki who lives in 2016 to call Mitsuha who lives in 2013.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 4: Mitsuha’s story uncovered by Taki


Even though spirit-switching stopped, Taki kept drawing out what he had seen during the switching which is actually in Gifu.

His room was in a mess by his drawing. He decided to pick some of the drawing along with his trip out from Tokyo.

After several trial of phone call to Mitsuha which all ended up fail, and the stop of the switching made Taki worry about Mitsuha. Those were his reason for the trip.

Senior Okudera and his best friend, Tsukasa followed him.

The only hint was his drawing.  Taki travelled around Hida in Gifu and searched for the place where was alike with the drawing. However, he didnt get any useful information.

To take rest, they entered the Takayama ramen restaurant. After the owner saw the drawing,he told Taki that he knew the place.

However the story told by shop owner  was breathtaking.

According to what he said, the place, Itomori-cho has been already destroyed by a piece of Tiamat Comet in 2013.

After hearing this unbelievable story, Taki went to the library to find sources that related to the incident.

In the particular source, it is written something impactful.  

The number of the victim in the incident was over 500. Mitsuha, Tessy and Sayaka were also on the lists.

Mitsuha was died in 3 years ago.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 5: Again, unbelievable spirit-switching between Taki and Mitsuha


After knowing the fact, Taki allowed Senior Okudera and Tsukasa to go back to Tokyo, and headed to the place alone.

The place was the small Miyamizu shrine where had Shintai-a physical objects that being worshipped.

Once he visited to the place with Mitsuha’s grandmother and Yotsuha, to dedicate the kuchikamizake when Taki was switched into Mitsuha.

The place was told that where was the border of the present and next life world.

Taki assumed drinking the kuchikamizake would allow him to experience spirit-switching again.

However nothing happened when he drank it. He then slipped when he stood up.


When he opened his eyes, there was a familiar sight. Yotsuha came and woke him up.

He succeed to switch the spirit. And the day was when Comet would  crush to the town.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 6: defence of Itomori-cho by Taki in Mitsuha’s body


The reason why he could switch the spirits was to save Mitsuha and others in Itomiri-cho from the crush.  

Since Taki knew what would happen, he tried his best via Mitsuha’s body to persuade her family, Yotsuha and Hitoha. However no one trusted her word.

Even though her words was still in doubt, Mitsuha’s best friends, Tessy and and Sayaka decided to corporate with her.

They planned to explode the power plant in the city and to hack radio wave. Then broadcast the emergency code to the city.

The mission was executed, but failed. Taki decided to go to the small shrine where his actual body was and to learn what would Mitsuha do if she was here.


The outline and the description for “Your Name” 7: defence of Itomori city by Mitsuha with Taki’s wish


On the other side, Mitsuha woke up with Taki’s body.

Mitsuha could not believe the view in front of her.

The Itomori-cho was completely destroyed by the crush.

Mitsuha woke up with Taki’s body in 2016.


Then she heard Taki’s voice. His voice was so close but was from nowhere.

The timescape between Mitsuha and Taki overlapped and they finally met each other during sunset.

During the twilight, Taki told Mitsuha to save the Itomori-cho.

To remember each other’s name, they tried to write their names on their hands. However, while Taki was writing his name on Mitsuha’s hand, the twilight faded.


Mitsuha awoke with her own body and started to save the city. Along with her act, she found out that she could not recall Taki’s name.

After the switching, she merely remember about Taki. When she glanced her hand, there was written “love you” on her hand.

She did not know why there were the words on her hand,Along with the doubt the piece of Comet dropped to the city and city was destroyed.


The outline and the description for “your name”6: the ending of the story


Taki woke up and found himself is in the small shrine.

He did not know why he was there and could not understand why Senior Okudera and Tsukasa were not there too.

Since the switching was ended, the memories of Mitsuha was lost.



After 5 years, Taki was very curious about an incident-Tiatmat Comet incident.

8 years ago, the day when Comet fell in the city, However, all citizens were saved due to the drill that just held before the crush.

The incident bothered him so much but he could not understand why.


Taki was busy with his job hunting, He saw a woman standing on the platform while he was taking the train. Somehow, he felt something familiar with her.

The woman also noticed about Taki and felt same way with Taki did.

Both of them immediately got out from the train and tried to find each other.

They finally met each other. Even though both of them had not gotten to know each other but they seemed know each other.

Lastly, they said to each other...

”Your name?”


Due to the switching, Mitsuha was saved from the crush and she managed to meet Taki. The story ended with happy ending.


The characters and the voice actors in “Your Name”



The two main characters



Taki Tachibana :main character


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


He is the main character in this film, a highschool boy who lives in urban, Wakaba, Sinnjuku district,Tokyo.

He lives with his father in an apartment where the tokyo tower can be seen.

Tukasa Huzii and Sinta Takagi are Taki’s classmate. They are very close and always having lunch together on the rooftop as well as going to cafeteria to have a chit chat.  

He works at the Italian restaurant ”IL GIARDINO DELLE PAROLE”  as a part-time job after the school ends. Although Taki has crush on Miki Okudera, the senior colleague, he is having difficulty in voice out how he feels.

His hobby is sketching and is interested in art and architectural. He wishes he could enroll into the jobs that he is interested in.

One day, Taki and Mitsuha have spirit-switch and story starts from here.


Voice actor: Ryunosuke Kamiki


Other than his actor career, Ryunosuke Kamiki had also taken part as voice actor of Bou from “Spirit Away”, Marukuru from ”howl’s moving castle”, Shou from “The Borrower Arrietty”, that those films were directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Moreover also take part as  Kenji Koike’s voice actor from “summer wars” which directed by Mori Oda.

From his achievement, he can be considered as an amazing both actor and voice actor.  

In fact, he is a big fan of Makoto Sinkai. Especially in “Your name”, Ryunosuke’s performance was outstanding.

When Taki and Mitsuha had spirit-switching, Kamiki was demanded to perform both male and female role. Although it was a difficult job, Kamiki managed to fulfil the role naturally.


Mitsuha Miyamizu:main character


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


Similarly, Mitsuha is also the main character of the story. She is a highschool girl who lives in rural area in itomorityou, Gihu.  

Mitsuha and her younger sister are shrine maiden in Mitsuha shrine. And her family serves as Shinto priest for generations.

Her father, Zyunki, is ex-priesthood of the shrine. After he quit the priesthood, he became a town mayor. Zyunki was dissatisfied with the election and the life in rural area. Thus he was longing for life in Tokyo.

Grandmother, Hitoha takes care of Mitsuha and Yotsuha instead of their mother who passed away due to Autoimmune disease infection.

Mitsuha is good in cooking and sewing. Are not those skills that allow Mitsuha to seem more  attractive for males?


Voice actor: Mone Kamisiraisi


Mone Kamisiraisi joined entertainment industry after been awarded in Toho Cindellera Audition since 2011.

The director of  “Maiko wa lady” said Siraishi Mone is just  like  “modern Audrey Hepburn” during her audition. Eventually she was given a position for protagonist.

Other than the film “Your name”, She was also acting as Keno’s voice actor in the “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki ” which directed by Mori Oda.

~Taki’s social relationship~



Miki Okudera : Taki’s senior colleague


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


Miki works in “IL GIARDINO DELLE PAROLE”, the Italian restaurant and is also Taki’s senior colleague.

She looks gorgeous and fashionable.  She is also popular among male colleague, including Taki.

While Mitsuha is in Taki’s body, she crushed on Taki. However, once Taki is back, their relationship does not develop well.

The complicated relationship between Taki and Okudera is also one of the highlight in the movie.

The popular actress Masami Nagasawa acts as voice actor.


Tsukasa Huzii:Taki’s classmate.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


He is Taki’s classmate who has also interested in architectural. Whenever he goes to the cafeteria, he always concern about the interior design.

From a quick glance, audiences may think he is a cool character with his glasses, but he is a kind and social young man.

When Taki decided to go for a trip to find Mitsuha alone, Taki asked Tsukasa to help him to fake an alibi by swapping the work shift. However Tsukasa eventually evade the responsibility. He then request the help from Taki to Sinta and went to the trip with Taki together with Okudera    

Nagasaki Nobunaga from Aoni production act as a voice actor.


Sinta Takagi:Taki’s classmate


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


He is also Taki’s classmate and always hang out with Tsukasa and Taki.

He is open-minded person whose hobby is finding out the new cafeterias.

When Taki went to find Mitsuha, Tsukasa was requested by Taki to exchange the work shift with him. however he pushes this task to Sinta.

Perhaps, without Shinta’s help, Taki may not able to go and find Mitsuha.  

Kaito Ishikawa from Pro Fit.co acts as voice actor.



~Mitsuha’s social relationship~



Yotsuha Miyamizu : Mitsuha’s sister


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


She is Mistuha’s younger sister. Even though she is primary 4, she is such an independent girl.  

Waking Mitsuha up every morning is one of the daily routine for her. She also witness Taki touched Mitsuha’s breast when Taki is in Mitsuha’s body.

It is rare to see humour in Makoto Shinkai’s movie. There must be a lot of laugh in the cinema hall.

Moreover, Yotsuha also help her family to run Miyamizu shrine with Mitsuha.

She also intends to commercialize Mitsuha’s ”kuchikamezake”. From here, we can assume that she is good at business.

The popular voice actor, Tanikanon is acting for Yotsuha.


Hitoha Miyamizu :Mituha’s grandmother


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


Hitoha is Mitsuha and Yotsuha’s grandmother and is kannushi in Miyamizu shrine.

As mentioned above, in addition of losing her daughter Hutaha due to autoimmune disease infection, Zyunki, Hutaha’s husband, also left his home and became a town mayor. Thus Hitoha raises Hitoha and Yotsuha alone.  

Sometime she is kind-hearted yet strict. There is a unforgettable scene of nagging Mitsuha and Yotsuha.

Isn’t the story for braid, ”mushubi” told by Hitoha memorable?


Tie between strings are called “Mushubi”, so relationship among people is, as well as time passes. “Mushubi” can be found everywhere. It is a god’s name, power of the god, even those braid made by Miyamizu family is also known as skill of the god.


Meanwhile, Hitoha also notice that her granddaughter has spirit-switch with someone. In the film she also mention that she had similar experience.

Ichihara Etsuko acts as a voice actor. Her gentle whisper tone in the film was unforgettable for audience.  


Katsuhiko Teshigawara: Mitsuha’s best friend


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


He is Mitsuha’s classmate and also the best friend. His nickname is “Tessy”.

Even though he crushed on Mitsuha, Natori Sayaka(mention later) fell in love with Katsuhiko. Love triangle can be found within them.

His father works at architecture industry and also familiar with Mitsuha’s father.

However, Mitsuha does not like her father which lead Tessy into a complicated feeling.

He has a distinctive characteristic such as occult mania and mechanical mania.

When Taki in Mitsuha’s body, Katsuhiko successfully get well along with Mitsuha. Perhaps that’s because there is a man, Taki inside her.

Ryou Narita, a model from Sony Music Artist is acting as a voice actor.


Sayaka Natori:Mitsuha’s best friend


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


She is Mitsuha’s childhood friend and also Mitsuha’s classmate. Her nickname is “Sayachin”.

Three of them are very close and always have lunch among them.

She is an ordinary person and joined casting call club.

As mentioned above, despite, she fell in love with Tessy, she is struggling with Mitsuha when Mitsuha is worrying about Tessy.

Such a sorrowful seance to look at it.

Alike with Mitsuha, she feel bored with her life in rural area and longing for life in urban area.

Aoi Yuuki from Pro Fit is casting for voice actor.


~Guest appearance~



Teacher Yuchan: Classical Japanese teacher in Mitsuha’s high school.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


Have you notice it?

Teacher Yukino from the film ”The Garden of Words” which is directed by Makoto Shinkai is teaching classical Japanese in Mitsuha’s high school!


After knowing Kana Hanazawa is casting as voice actor for both teacher Yukichan from “Your Name” and teacher Yukino from “the Garden of Words” Perhaps many audience may thought of “teacher Yuki chan is teacher Yukino”.


By the way,in “your name”, it doesn't affect very much whether you have not yet watch “The Garden Of Words” .

It is the matter that you can be excited or not about casting.


This is the character, Yukino teacher from “The Garden Of Words”.

She looks exactly same as the Yuki-chan teacher from “Your Yame”.


(C)Makoto Shinkai


It is still in the mystery why she teaches Classical Japanese literature in Itomori-cho.

In the movie handout, there is a statement about this mystery.


"The reason why she is in Itomori city, or even what happened after to Yukino from  “The Garden Of Words” is all depends on the audience imagination. There are hidden stories in other stories too."


It is not officially announced that the Yuki chan from “Your Name” and Yukino teacher from “The Garden Of Words”  is the same person.

That's is one of Makoto Shinkai’s unique performance.



The complete descreption and examination for “Your Name”


The description and examination in this section are based on the personal opinion of the author of this article.

Please take this articles as one of the opinion from a fan.


Why did the spirit-switch happened?


One of the biggest reason  why their spirit-switched is because they were given a mission to save Itomori-cho from Comet crush.


Firstly, the spirit-switch happened to Mitsuha’s mother and her grandmother as well. The women in Miyamizu family have inherited this ability.


Itomori lake is the lake created by Comet crush in 1200 years ago. It is said that Comet approaches to the earth once in 1000 years. Perhaps after the first Comet crush, the  ancestor might gain this ability to be well prepared for the next crush in future.


Since storytelling is insufficient to prevent Comet crush, there is a need of someone from future to save them.


Therefore, we can assume that the ability of “spirit-switching with someone in the future” developed.


As if predicting Comet crush, the pictures of Comet were drew on the walls of the cave where Mitsuwa's served her kuchikamizake.

Perhaps the pictures is telling us the tragedy happened in the pass as well as the message left for future.


What was the meaning if the festival in Miyamizu shrine?


There is no detailed explanation about the festival in Miyamizu.

What Hitoha said is that the fire in 200 years ago had completely burned the land of Miyamizu family.


Since the fire burnt the old documents and and the shrine, the purpose of the festival was not told.

However, Hitoha tells that tradition must not be forgetten even the documents are gone.


Since the festival held on the day when Comet crushes, we can assume that the festival reminds the day when Comet crush. Perhaps this was writen in the document that had been burnt.



What is the effect of kuchikamizake?


By drinking the kuchikamizake, Taki succeed to switch his spirit with Mitsuha again. But why was it possible?


Once Kazuha said the following statement about the kuchikamizake, .



”So the purpose of sieving is to link the God and human.”

”From here, it is hiding world...after world.”

”To come back, you need to exchange with the most precious thing you have”.

”We serve, Those are the half of you”.


From those statement, we can infer that the kuchikamizake is something that can connect the world present and after.

If one drinks the kuchikamizake, the one can exchange his spirit with the person in after world. However, the memories with the person will play as the role of the ticket that allow one to go back to his own body.


Why does spirit-switch happened between Taki and Mitsuha?


“Kumihimo” might be a keyword for uncover the mystery of the spirit-switch.


While Mitsuha was curious about how does the date ends, she decided to go to Tokyo.  She even absent from the school. In Tokyo, she bump into Taki but Taki did not recognize her. Mitsuha passes Kumihimo to Taki when she leave. Perhaps that is one of the reason for them to undergo spirit-switch.  



In the story, Hitoha mentioned about Kumihimo as below.


Tie between strings are called “Mushubi”, so relationship among people is, as well as time passes. “Mushubi” can be found everywhere. It is a god’s name, power of the god, even those braid made by Miyamizu family is also known as skill of the god.


From above, It is reasonable to say Kumihimo is the one that decides spirits-switch happens to whom.

Moreover, in the last sense, Kumihimo plays the important role of pulling both Taki and Mitsuha together.   


During sunset, along with Taki returned Kumihimo to Mitsuha, he wrote “love you” on Mitsuha’s hand.

Since once Kumihimo brought them together. Taki returned Kumihimo to Mitsuha, and hope Kumihimo can bring them together again.

fter five years,despite they did not remember much about each other, they successfully meet each other. is not it because of Power of Mushubi.


Why Taki and Mitsuha are able to see each other during sunset.


During the class, teacher Yukichan, the classical Japanese teacher from Mitsuha’s high school mentioned about “Tasogare” Tasogaredoki is from Manyoshu, the oldest Japanese poetry. Tasogaredoki ‘s author is anonymous. It says “Who is it, don’t ask abou me, the one who is waiting for the love under the rain is me. ”


In the past, people could not recognize who is the one at the end of the road. Thus they use “taso” to ask “who is it”


If you had been asked “taso”, you must tell who you are.  however the author did not answer the question. Perhaps the author was very famous or he did  not like to be exposed.


“You”  from the poem refers to male.Therefore reader should be female.


Getting back to the story, “taso” is the shifting point of the world present and after life.

It is only during this “taso” when Taki who lives in the present life, and Mitsuha who already dead are able to meet each other.


Why did Mitsuha have hair cut?


When Mitsuha bumped Taki in the train, she gave her braid to Taki. From that day, the spirits-switching stopped and Mitsuha had her hair cut too.

There are mainly two reasons for her hair cut. The author supports the first stand.


①Because of love-lorn


Mitsuha decided to meet Taki at any cost,but Taki did not recognize Mitsuha.

Perhaps this is something very shocking to Mitsuha.

Also, Taki was focusing on his dating with Senior Okudera, and did not care much about Mitsuha, which lead her heart broken.


②Because she had nothing to tie her hair since she gave the braid to Taki.


It seems that high school girls have some hair braid so this reason is not strong enough.




~Introduction to pilgrimage sites of “Your Name”~



We have briefly introduce the outline and the characters of “Your Name”.

From now, we will introduce the pilgrimage, models of the movie scenes with pictures.


The map for “Your Name” pilgrimage



The places with pins in the picture above are the pilgrimage sites, models of the movie scenes from “Your Name”.

One of the important charactaristic of the movies by Makoto Shinkai is “sentient video technique”.

The pictures are hard to believe that they are anime and its beauty had capture people’s eyes.

Other than the sites mentioned in this article, there are a lots of places for the pilgrimage, but we would like to introduce it in terms of accessibility.


About the pictures, they are in the order of the author’s visit. Please pay attention to the color of the sky in the picture, you will then find out what it means.


To introduce the pilgrimage, we will crop the picture from the movie and place it on top, then the ones that the author actually took on below.

In this page, we will introduce recommened “Your Name” pilgrimage sites in Tokyo.


Let’s look at them!



”Your Name” pilgrimage in Tokyo


”Your Name” pilgrimage in 【Shinjuku】


The very first is the scene that starts with main theme song “zen zen zense” by RADWIMPS.

The name of the voice actor, “Ryunosuke Kamiki” appears in this scene and this place actually exist at the behind the Shinjuku police office


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




The author took the photo during the daytime but it looks same as the movie scene.


Basic information of the traffic junction which is behind the Shinjuku police office.


Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku district, Nishi Shinjuku 6-5-3



2 minutes walk from Tocho-mae station exit A1 (B2 side)

3 minutes walk from Nishi Shinjuku station exit 2

4 minutes walk from Shinjuku (Tokyo metro) station exit A18


Next, we will introduce the Italian restaurant ,which is the model of “IL GIARDINO DELLE PAROLE” where Taki ad Senior Okudera work as part time.

The actual restaurant is also an Intalian restaurant named “ Caffe la Boheme” which is next to Shinjuku Gyoen.

The walls were filled with glass and we can see the inside of the restaurant from the outside.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


カフェ ラ・ボエム1


The stunning picture of Shinjuku Gyoen can be taken from the store where is across the road.

In the movie, Senior Okudera cleaned the windows and the actual windows are very look alike.

The lights from the window is very beautiful and make us pleasant.



カフェ ラ・ボエム2


Not only the exterior, but also inside of the restaurant, tables, chairs, the pattern of the tils and shapes of the lights are also look alike.

The table was not covered with table cloth.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


カフェ ラ・ボエム3


カフェ ラ・ボエム4


カフェ ラ・ボエム5


Let’s put the picture of the menu and things we have eaten there.

Because we entered the store during the lunch hours, the main dishes were either pasta or pizza.


I was a in the mood of pasta, we ordered pasta with my companion.

We were thiking which one to choose.


カフェ ラ・ボエム6


We ordered the most popular pasta, “steam chicken and green onion sauce” on the right top, and “cream sauce with spinach and salmon”.

After the order, saladas are served first as an appetizer.


カフェ ラ・ボエム7


After the saladas, the following were served.

The upper one is “steam chicken and green onion sauce” and the one below is “cream sauce with spinach and salmon”.


カフェ ラ・ボエム8


カフェ ラ・ボエム9


The both pastas were tasted fine and delicious.

While having the meal till leaving the restaurants, all service was very good. They even send off the customers.


カフェ ラ・ボエム10


Honestly, the price was quite expensive, however I would go again to experience the graceful lunch.

The atmossphere of the restaurant is also suitable for couple to visit.


As some of you may noticed, this restaurant (La Boheme) was also used for the model beside “Your Name”.

That is the famous drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier (2014)” by Jun Mtsumoto from Arashi and Satomi Ishihara.


From the first episode in the drama, the restaurants was used for the scene where Saeko (Satomi Ishihara) made an order for wedding cake for Sota (Jun Matsumoto).

Please visit there since it is the double pilgrimage of both “your name” and the drama.


Basic information of Caffe La Boheme Shinjuu Gyoen


Genre: Italian, pizza, pasta

Phone number: 050-5571-2180 (for reservation only), 03-5366-2242 (for question only)

Address: Tokyo Shinjuku district shinjuku 1-1-7 Kosumo Shinjuku Gyoen bill 1st and 2nd floor

Access: 227m from Shinjuku Gyoen station. 5 minutes walk from the Shinjuku Gyoen station (Marunouchi line) 2nd exit (Ookidomon exit)

Open: 11:30~24:00 (L.O. 23:30) *lanch is available, entry after 22:00 is possible, entry after midnight 12:00 possible, Sunday opened

Regular colosed day: None

Budget: 【dinner】 3,000~ 3,999 JPY 【lunch】 1,000~1,999 JPY

Sheet Charge: After 18:00 800(tax exclude) per person

Smoking: Prohibited



”Your Name “ pilgrimage 【Shinanomachi】


This place was used in the scene when Taki reported the result of the date with Senior Okudera to Mitsuha.

This place reminds me the frustration to Taki when he cannot be good with Okudera senpai without spirit switching with Mitsuki.

This is the overpass on the way to Jingu stadium from JR Shinano-machi station.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




This is the view on the overpass when we place the Shinanomachi station on the back.




There is one more pilgrimage site around there.

Please take a look at right side before you pass the bridge. You will then find the docomo tower over there.

In the movie, details are fully described even though it is in the small part in scene of sunrise which appeared only once.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




The docomo tower looks smaller than the one in the movie, but I thought this angle matches well.


Basic information for the overpass in front of the JR Shinanomachi station.


Address: Tokyo Shinjuku district Shinanomachi 34

Access: one minute walk from JR Shinanomachi station



”Your Name “ pilgrimage 【Yotsuya】


This is the stairs in the last scen in “Your Name”!

It is used for the background of the official Website and flyers for advertisements.

(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership






Isn’t it the best scene where Taki and Mitsuha finally meet each other?

The stairs is at the Suga shrine and it takes 10 minutes walk from Yotsuya.

For me, I can see Mitsuha on the stairs.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




It is the moment when they once pass but both of them may feel something.

The tension get very high when it cames to this scene.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




Then Taki went on the top of the stairs and Mitsuha is on the way to down the stairs, they look back.

The scene is unexpected in the former movie “5 centimeters per second”, isn’t it really touching?


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




This is the most exciting place because the it is well catched.

I went to there in week days, but the pilgrim were always there and taking photos.


Up to the stairs, the Suga shrine is there.

Please visit the shrine in addition to the pilgrimage!




The Suga shrine has been there as guardian of Yotsuya-juhachiga cho  from the early Edo era, and famous for the festival called “ reidaisai ” in June.

The shrine served sevaral “life ceremonies” to pray for easy birth, the festival day for children aged seven, five and three, coming age, longevity and marriage.

Therefore not only the neighbors but also the people from far place come to pray.


Basic information of the Suga shrine


Address: Tokyo Shinjuku district Suga cho 5 avenue

Access: 550 meter from the Yotsuya sanchome station (metro)

Phone number:03-3351-7023


In Yotsuya, there are place where Taki and Senior Okudera meet up for the date!

Seriously, it is enviable that high school boy can date with such a beautiful college student.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership





”Your Name” pilgrimage 【Shibuya】


Senior Okudera and Taki who is spirit-switched with Mitsuha often go to Shibuya for a date.

They enjoy “girls” talk in the second floor of TSUTAYA in Shibuya.




(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


君の名は 渋谷TSUTAYA


The photo was taken during daytime and the curtain was there to obstruct the sight. So we could not take the photo just like the scene in “Your Name”.

I think it is better to take it after sunset. Then it would look like the one in the movie with the curtain drew and you can see “TSUTAYA” with the lights on.


It is hard to take the photo in same angle with the movie.

I took the photo from the place across the road.

Please tell us if there is any better angle!


It might be fun to have a meal with friends where Taki and Senior Okudera were.

I did not stay long at that place because I did not have an companion.


Basic information of Shibuya


Address: Shibuya, Udaagawa 21-6,Tokyo

Open: 10:00am~2:00am

Phone Number:03-5459-2000

Access: one minute walk from Shibuya station Hachiko exit


”Your Name” pilgrimage 【Roppongi】


Roppongi is the place where Taki and Senior OKudera were dating.

Taki (when Mitsuha inside) becomes closer with Senior Okudera and plans to go out with her. However on the actual day, actual Taki (went back to his own body) went out for the date and mess it up.

They have a lunch in “Salon Do Te Rondo” in the National Art Center.

The view is neo-futuristic and it is very good


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership


君の名は 新東京美術館


During the date, Senior Okudera crush on Taki (when Mitsuha inside), but Taki cannot manage to escort her at well.

Taki’s mind was full of Mitsuha during the date and as the time passes Senior Okudera lost her interest on Taki.

After watching this couple, I wanted to admonish and encourage Taki.


Basic information of the National Art-Center


Address: Minatoku, Roppongi 7-22-2, Tokyo

Phone Number:03-5777-8600

Open Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Open Hours: 10:00~18:00 ※up to 20:00 when there is special project (entry is allowed 30 minutes before the close)

Closed: Every Tuseday (if it is on holiday, the next day will be also closed)


Basic information of Salon Do Te Rondo


Phone Number: 03-5770-8162

Address:, Minatoku, Roppongi, 7-22-2 The National Art-Center 2F, Tokyo

Access: 4 minutes walk from the Toei Oedo line “Roppongi” station exit 7

Open: 【Saturday to Thursday】10:00~18:00(17:30 L.O)【Friday】10:00~19:00(18:30 L.O) ※Lunch time and Sunday is opened

Closed: Tuseday (if it is on holiday, closed on Wednesday)

Budget: 1,000~2,000 JPY



In Tokyo, we have places where Taki lives, on the other hand, Nagano and Gifu, we have places where Mitsuha lives.

As the movie described, let’s look at the pilgrimage place with paying attention to the comparison of city and rural area.

We will start off from Nagano!



”Your Name” pilgrimage <Nagano>


”Your name” pilgrimage 【Suwa】


It is said that the model of Itomori lake is Suwa lake in Suwa city.

When I saw the view, I was speachless.



(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




Such an amazing view, the photo was taken from the mountain 1.5km away from the lake.


Regardless of where the visitors from, as Risseki park is known for “the viewpoint of the landscape, Shinshu・Furuwato”,it is popular among them.

Though the place is famous for both sunset and night view,I went there in daytime.

The place is also award the one of the most beautiful sunset in Shinsyuu,top 3 night view point for Japan.


Indeed, I thought that we can spend romantic time in the night over there, but due to personal schedule I could only visit there in daytime.


Please look at other amazing views from Risseki park.

Of course it is a great place for pilgrimage, but we can treat it as just a sightseeing place too.







The color contrast between the blue lake and sky with the green forest is so beautiful.


Beside the scenery, I also recommends the 50 meter slide in Risseki park.

One says the slide is famous because there was an incident that 20 years old man broke his thigh bone when he slided the slide in the rain on September 2016.

Please be careful if you play with it.






Basic information of Risseki park


Address: Suwa city Ooji Kamisuwa 10399

Access: 15 minutes by car from JR Chuo line Kamisuwa station, 30 minitues by car from Chuo Jidousha Suwa IC


By the way, the picture below is taken in front of the lake before climbing the Risseki park.




The lake is surrounded by these roads like this.

The circuit is 16 km.




Basic information of the Suwa lake


Address: Nagano prefecture, Suwa city, Kogan street 2-3-4-5.

Access: 5 minutes walk from JR Kamisuwa station, 2.5 hour by car from Tokyo by “Chuo free road”



This is the end of the Nagano part, next one is Gifu.

From Nagano to Gifu, it took about 3 hours by car.



”Your name” pilgrimage <Gifu>


”Your name” pilgrimage 【Hida】


Hida Hurukawa station in Hida city, Gifu prefecture is one of the site of the pilgrimage.

This is the arrival station where Taki, Senior Okudera and Tsukasa Fujii visited Gifu to look for Mitsuha.

I became a little sorry for Shinta Takagi who worked at the restaurant instead of Taki when i visit the station.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




The most of them were the same as in the film. The view of the mountain behind the station is also described very well.

In this place, they show the time that the train stops, which is the same as the movie, and the map around the station for the pilgrimage. Such a friendly guide map.





There are posters of “your name” everywhere in the town as well as the station.

I was impressed by the fact that the residents try their best to motivate the tourism industry.




The rotary in front of Hida Hurukawa station is the place where Taki asked the taxi driver where Itomori lake is by his own drawing.

This place is exactly same as the movie.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




There is the library where Taki researched about Comet crash incident in Itomori.  The library is about 5 minutes walk from the station.

There is no “Furukawa library” in the actual place.

(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




Basic information of the Hida city library


Address: Gifu prefecture, Hida city, Furukawa cho, Honmachi 2-22

Access: 5 minutes walk from the Hida Furukawa station (JR Takayama main line)

Open: Tuseday ~ Saturday, Holidays are opened from 9:00 to 20:00, Sunday is opened from 9:00 to 17:00 ※if the holiday is on Sunday, the library is closed at 17:00

Closed: Every Monday (if it is on holiday, the next day will be closed), Last Friday in the month, New Year season


In addition, there is Miyamizu shrine where Mitsuha and Yotsuha serves as shrine maiden, near the station.The hypothesis of combining both  “Ketawakamiya shrine” and “Hidazan okyu hie shrine” makes ” Miyamizy shrine” is the most convincing one. Which I will explain later.


First of all, I visited “Ketawakamiya shrine”

In the movie, as same as the rotary in front of the Hida Furukawa station where Taki asks the residents where the Itomori is.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




Since the sun set and the night approaches,  I decided to take the night view of the place.

Perhaps it is interesting to take the picture that difference between the night view in real life  and daytime which appears in film.




Basic information  of Ketawakamiya shrine.


Address: Gifu prefecture, Hida city, Furukawa cho, Kamikita 1297


The next one is also in Hida city but we need to drive a car for 30 minutes to get to the bus stop.

It is also 5 minutes away from the Kadokawa station and the bus stop is called “Miyakawacho Ochiai bus stop”.


This is the place where Taki lost his motivation as he could not get useful information.

Senior Okudera and Takashi Fujii then cheered him up not to worry about it.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership




We can tell that it is wider in the movie. Perhaps the director wanted to squeeze 3 of them in one scene.


This is the inside of the bus stop.

Not only postors, there is also a pilgrima note.






It is a great chance for us to write about “TABI CHANNEL” on the note.

So we did and we hope many people can notice our message!






I visited Nagano on 18th October in 2016, and for Gifu on very next day.


Basic information of Miyakawa Ochiai bus stop


Address: Gifu prefecture, Hida city, Miyakawacho Ochiai


Lastly, I visited the another model of Miyamizu shrine, which is Hidasanoumiyahie shrine.

It is now completely opposite timescape compare to the movie but I think reader can still feel it.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership








The night view of the place has a nice atmosphere.

There was not so much people too.


Basic information of Hidasanoumiyahie shrine


Address:Takayama city, Shiroyama, Gifu prefecture 156

Access: 25 minutes walk from Takayama station (Takayama main line), take the bus “Nora My Car (Takayama city community bus)” and Takayama Nohi bus station and alight at “Hie shrine front” bus stop and take 5 minutes walk.



”Your Name” pilgrimage <Hiroshima>

”Your Name” pilgrimage 【Hiroshima】


The model of the high school that Taki, Tsukasa and Shinta is in, can be found in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima.

The interior design of the school  is neo-futuristic design.


(C)2016「Your Name」production partnership



The School building is so beautiful and I am jealous about the student over there.


Basic Information of Motomachi High School


Address: Hiroshima, Hiroshima city, Nakaku, NishiHakushima-cho 25-1




~Introduction of “Your Name” and films directed by Makoto Shinkai~



Lastly we will introduce recommended related goods of “Your Name”!

Till now, we have introduce “Your Name” and the pilgrimage sites.  Therefore in the following page, we will introduce recommended related goods of “Your Name”

For deeper understanding of Makoto Shinkai production, we will also introduce films other than “Your Name”


Firstly, to those who have not yet watch “Your Name” or had already watched at least once but yet not enough, please watch “Your Name” again.

If it is possible to visit pilgrimage sites as mentioned in the article, you might feel much more than you expected comparing with the previous trial.


There are many area that the showing days of "Your Name" are extended because of its popularity.

Also, we hear favorable revies from Shouth Korea and China.


For those who unluckily missed the movie, why not wait for the DVD and blue ray.


From now, we will introduce the Makoto Shinkai’s works other than “Your Name”.

After watching following movies, you may find different perception on the film “Your Name”




Introduction of Makoto Shinkai’s works before “ Your Name”


”The voices of a distant star”(2002)




The outline and spoiler of “The voices of a distant star”


This is the first published movie for Makoto Shinkai and is 25 minutes, full-disital animation.

Makoto Shinkai worked as director, playwighter, painter, art director and editor.

Basically he played all position. The story takes place in 2046, “the long distance relationship” of senior year students in a middle school, Noboru Terao and Mikako Nagamine.


They crushed on each other and was aiming for the same high school. However Mikako had to leave to the space due to a certain reason.

They tried to communicate by “mail” and got closer with each other. But it took “8.6 light-year” for mail to reach to Earth from space.

This is the sad and sentimental story of Mikako who leave to space and Noboru who has been waiting for her to come back.


”The place promised in our early days” (2004)




The outline and spoiler of “the place promised in our early days”


After Makoto Shinkai produced “the voices of a distant star” and be known by the world, people called him “post-Miyazaki”  In the film “the place promised in our early days”, the story was set in 1996, Hokkaidou and Honsyu.

Due to the war, Japan had separated into those two part. Somehow in Hokkaidou, there was a giant tower built on that land.


Seniors in a middle school Kouki Fujisawa and Takuya Shirakawa, both live in the Tsugaru island in Aomori prefecture. They were longing to the huge tower which even can be seen from Aomori, and planed to make airplane and visit the tower.

Then Sayuri Sawatari whose grand father is the constructor of the tower joined the airplane making project and promises to to visit there.


However, one day, Sayuri has disappeared and the project was shutted down.Koki and Takuya also started to move on in their respective life.


After 3 years from the incident,  unexpected story was developed.

Among films directed by Makoto Shinkai which is usually consist more of love story, this is the movie that consist more of Science Fiction factor. It also won the 59th Mainichi Film Award for Best Animation Film.


"5 centimeter per second" (2007)




The outline and spoiler for “5 centimeter per second”


The 3rd Makoto Shinkai’s work piece. This film is also the most popular film in his workpiece.

The films consisit of three episode, “oukasyou” “kosumonauto” and “5 centimeter per second”.

Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara are from elementary school in Tokyo.They are so close with each other and even though they are too young to understand what is love, but they had eventually fell in love with each other.

However, along with graduating from elementary school, Akari had transfer to Tochigi.

They then never meet each other again.


After enrolled into middle school, Takaki starts to received letters from Akari. This trigger both of them to restart to keep in touch via letters.

However, for this particular time, Takaki had to transfer to Kagoshima. Perhaps they would not able to meet each other again, thus Takaki decided to meet Akari in Tochigi and gave his very first kiss.

After Takaki transferred to Kagoshima, some girls had confessed to him but his mind was filled with Akari.

Takaki then move to Tokyo due to his job. He also get into the relationship with a girl for 3 years, but he never really fell into her. Thus they broke up in the end.


One day, Takaki bumped to a female at railway crossing where he was once with Akari when they were in elementary school.

The bad ending in this film had successfully gain the focus. The theme song “One more time, One more chance” from Masayoshi Yamazaki, consist of both distressed and heart-warm element. This song also gain the popularity along with the film.    

Other than the film “Your Name”, this film is definitely recommended.

Other than artistic drawing, maybe we can draw our attention on dedicated drawing skill in each scene, choice of the word.


”Children Who Chase Lost Voices” (2010)




The outline and spoiler for “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”


This was published 4 years after “5 centimeter per second”, and it took 2 years for production.This is the first movie in Makoto Shinkai’s works that he include fantasy and action elements like Gibri movie. In the story, Asuka Watase who lost her father when she was still young, and lives with her mother. After school, she plays in the hideout with the animals and mineral radio which her father gave for her.


One day, she was attacked by a monster while she was on the way to the hideout, and the boy named Shun saved her.

Asuka had crush on Shun and she made a deal with a boy to meet her on the next day. However he was found dead on the day.

Asuka started to be interested in “after life”.She decided to go to “Agaruta” (where the place has the technology to revive a dead person, and once Shun called it his hometown).

While she was travelling to Agruta, she met Shin who is look alike with Shun. He then joined to Asuka’s trip but there were a lot of obstacles along their trip.  


If you watch this movie for the first time, you may think this is not Makoto Shinkai’s work.

This is totally different from his previous works.I think the movie would attract Gibri movies fans


”The Garden of words”(2013)




The outline and spoiler of “The Garden Of Words”


This is the first movies which theme is “koi (falling in love)”, and the buzzword was “the story of koi (loneliness) before koi (falling love)”.

In this movie that Yuki-chan teacher from “Your Name” act as a main character. Takao Akizuki, a high school student who dreams to be a shoes maker.

He always skips  classes on rainy day and work on the design of shoes.  


One day, Takao met Yukari Yukinno was drinking the beer alone at place where he frequently visit.

Therefore they made a promise to meet up at the place whenever it is rain.

This made the rainy days special for  both of them. However after the monsoon season was over, they stop to date with each other.


When Takao went back to the school after so long, he met Yukino and realized that she is the classical Japanese literature teacher.

She got bully by student and pushed herself to quit the job.it seems no age gap between Takao and Yukino.and they starts to see each other as special ones.

However, Yukino told him that she was planning to go back to her homeland, Shikoku.  Is not it a sad love story.



Above all, they are the works of the Makoto Shinkai. “Your name” seems to be the sum of the goodness of his works.The difference is that in “Your Name”  there is a happy ending.

For me, as the one who watched all of his works, I somehow expected that there might be a bad ending, however I was so happy that Taki and Mitsuha manage to meet each other in the last part of the film. 


Please find your favorite works of Makoto Shinkai!



 "Your Name” Bonus section


In this section, we will update the seasonal information about “Your Name”!

I hope this will be helpful for the fans to get the new information.

If there is any information you would like to insert, please let us know.


Collaboration between cafes and  "Your Name"


“Your Name” cafe was opened in Tokyo・Ikebukuro PARCO.

The cafe will also open in Nagoya PARCO recently.

The one in Ikebukuro is opened from January 7th 2017 to February 7th, the one in Nagoya is opened January 27th to April 3rd.


The author visited the one in Ikebukuro PARCO

I was excited  because I was looking forward for the visit.

This time round, I will write about the “Your Name” cafe in Ikebukuro.

※10 January 2017, final update




In the cafe, they serve similar drinks and foods as the movie does.

For those who ordered drinks, special coaster will be given as a gift and for those who ordered a meal, lunch mat will be given.


The menu was very unique so I will post the photo for those who are interested in it.

Some of them looks irrelevant but I was impressed by the efforts they put in.








Itomori lake bread stew that you can feel the history of Itomori 1,480JPY ※with setting picture

Croquette bread with egg sandwich from Tsukasa and Takagi 1,080JPY ※with the”Your Name” card

You are also spirit-switching!? The breakfast in Tachibana and Miyamizu family 1,280JPY ※with the “Your Name” card

Ramen of Yoshino 1,180JPY ※with the “Your Name” card




“Who are you?” HOT latte 680JPY

shooting star in the night sky soda 930JPY

Kataware time soda (Taki・Mitsuha) 730JPY for each




The Comet plate 1,280JPY

The pancake that makes Taki (Mitsuha inside) took the picture 1,480JPY

Autumn Itomori mousse with sweet sake 1,180JPY

Maccha parfait ~the moutain top where God is enshrined~ 1,080JPY

The pizza of that famous restaurant!? 680JPY


If you were a fan of the film “Your Name”, from the menu, you could tell what scene they are describing.

Beside the foods, there are about 120 goods that you can only get in the cafe.



I doubt It is very hard to enter the place.



As I expected, the waiting hours is this (1 hour).  

In addition, the shortest waiting time was about an hour though I visited there after the lunch time.

2 hours of waiting time was the normal for this cafe and there was a long line on the stairs of Ikebukuro PARCO.


I only took the photo from outside and went back to home due to my personal schedule.

I wish by showing the following pictures and the description in the article,it could influence you trigger your interest to visit there.










There are many paintings that related to “Your Name” and the song “zen zen zen se” by RADWINPS was played in my head.

I bet it will be played in your head too!

Be ready for long queuing time once you decided to go to the cafe.


Basic Information of Cafe collaborated with “Your Name”


Name: THE GUEST cafe&diner (Ikebukuro PARCO  main building7F)

Address: Tokyo, Toyoshimaku, Minami Ikebukuro, 1 chome 28-2

TIme Period: 7th January  to 7th February in 2017

Open: OPEN 10:00 / CLOSE 22:00 (Foods L.O. 21:00 / Drinks L.O. 21:30) ※Last day (February 7th Tuseday) CLOSE 19:00 (Foods L.O. 18:00 / Drinks L.O. 18:30)

Phone number :03-5391-8604



We have introduced some good points that are easy to visit.

I would recommend you to take half day for Tokyo part and overnight stay in Nagano and Gifu.


We hope you could make use of this article along with your pilgrimage tour

Please contact us, “TABI CHANNEL” editor department, if you know any other good places for pilgrimage.



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